5 Questions You Should Ask a Car Window Tinting Company

18 Jul 2017
Window Tinting

5 Questions You Should Ask a Car Window Tinting Company

Window tinting involves countless benefits that include protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays, reducing the solar heat and protecting your interiors. Because of these benefits, getting your car tinted is generally the first thing that people do as soon as they purchase a car.

There are many tinting companies available in the market. But, is there a way to find out a company which does the best auto window tinting in Woodbridge? Well, here is a list of some important questions that will help you choose the right company:

Window tinting

  1. What kind of tints is available to you, which one should I choose and why?

You should always ask them what kind of tints do they keep and which one will work best as per your needs. They should have the knowledge of the materials and their properties. A good tinting company will help you with the selection of the tint material.

  1. How long will the tint last?

The lifespan of a tint depends on various factors which include material type, quality and weather conditions. Many of these films will last for about 10 years.

The length of time for which the tint will last also depends on the installation technique. Wrongly installed tint will not work for a long time. It is thus important to get it installed by a good tinting company.

  1. How long will the tinting process take?

Tinting process can typically take 45 minutes to a couple of hours. But the installer might want to keep your vehicle for at least a half day to ensure the film binds to the glass properly. You should always ask this question and make arrangements for your personal transportation for that day.

  1. Does it have any warranty?

Most window tints come with a lifetime warranty. Make sure your installer gives you this and specifies the relevant details in it that is needed to be filled by him. It is important that you understand the warranty terms and exceptions.

Only an authorized tint dealer will give you a warranty.

  1. What is the final price of the tint?

Ask the tinting company to give you the final price quotation. See if the quotation mentions what you had asked for. After getting a final quotation from one tint shop, compare this with other shops. Remember that quality should not be compromised for price. It should only be the last criteria.

It is important to note that some states have defined how much visibility should be allowed. If a window tint installed by you is illegal in your state, you can get penalized for this.

Remember, a bad tint is worse than none at all. You should be very careful while selecting the tint installer. Always compare at least 3 to 4 companies before you settle for one. You should see their online reviews and feedback, this can be very helpful. Quality TireĀ is a good company in the Woodbridge area. You should consider them too while comparing tint companies.