6 Reasons Why you Need a Remote Starter for your Car

10 Oct 2018
Remote Start System

6 Reasons Why you Need a Remote Starter for your Car

Car starter remote is the newest feature in a car nowadays. There are many cars that come equipped with remote starter technology which allows the driver to start the engine with a click of a button. However, in traditional ways, a key fob is used to power up vehicles.

While heading out in hot and sunny days, a remote starter will ensure that your car feels cool. However, in order to cool your vehicle faster, you can also tint your car windows from your nearby car window tinting in Woodbridge while you can also get your remote starter if it is missing.

Here take a look at these benefits of the car remote starter.

Heating your Vehicle

Remote starters have been used for years, and as the technology is emerging, you can buy remote starters that can do a ton of things without getting out from your comfort zone. Remote starters are most popular in a colder climate, where they can be used to heat the interior of your vehicle while defrosting the windows. This estimates the need to scrape your windows, and having to sit in an ice cold car waiting for it to warm up.

Cooling your Vehicle

Remote starts are even beneficial in hot climates as well. On a nice hot and sunny day, your car temperature can reach up to 130oF. However, if your vehicle is fitted with the remoter starter then you can start your car without even stepping outside your home! Say bye-bye to the hot seat and steering wheel!

remote starter

No more burning yourself on that hot seat or steering wheel.

Improved Range and Communication over Factory Remote

If you have bought a car recently then it might happen that a remote starter would be already installed in it. Some sort of factory installed remote start systems will only allow you to add an additional remote that will extend the range. These ranges can be extended up to a mile with some high-performance remote starters available in the market.

Moreover, your factory remote start system most likely has 1-way communication, this means you can send a command but you will not receive communication on if that command was successful or not.

Ability to Use Smartphone to Control Your Car

There are many remote starter systems that can be customized and are many items and features that can be added. Some of these items are add-ons. This add-on item allows you to use your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle. You can start your vehicle from practically anywhere with a cellular connection.

Ability to Add Security

Some remote starter systems will allow you to add security feature as well. However, protecting your vehicle and your items inside is very important that is why adding extra security features can be highly beneficial.

Re-Sell Value

If you have added a remote starter kit in your vehicle then it will automatically increase the value of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle comes equipped with a remote starter or you install one later, the technology serves as an investment for the future.