An Ultimate Guide To Choosing Tires And Rims For Your Car

10 Jan 2017
Tires and Rims

An Ultimate Guide To Choosing Tires And Rims For Your Car

It is very important to choose tires and rims that fit well with your car’s needs. You might have a powerful engine and the best-in-class transmission system but all of that is worth nothing when the wheel and the tire you have are sub-standard.

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There are a few considerations you need to keep in mind before buying tires for your car.

Here’s a list:

1. Life-cycle expectancy:

A tire comes with a warranty that the manufacturing company offers to its buyers. You can determine the tire’s life by its warranty that can be around 40,000 miles for example. The other way to do it is looking at the UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grading) ratings, which every tire should have according to the guideline of the US Department of transport. Of course, actual performance can vary depending on the conditions they are driven in, but these numbers can give a data that you can use for comparisons.

2. Weather conditions:

This is an important consideration, especially for people who live in the snow belt states. These areas require you to have snow tires and all season ones should be of least concern for you.

3. Speed Ratings:

Speed ratings are denoted by alphabetical letters that denote a particular speed in miles per hour(mph) for which the tire is tested and have the designated quality grading. Following are the symbols:
Q= 99 mph S= 112 mph T= 118 mph U= 124 mph H= 130 mph V= up to 149 mph Z= 149 mph and above W= 168 mph Y= 186 mph

It is worth noting that high-speed tires are made from soft rubber compound and will have lesser life cycle than the slow speed ones.

4. Ride Quality:

These can be categorized into two types, low-profile tire that belongs to 40-50 series and high profile tires that belong to 55-60 series. Lower profile tires are good with handling but are less comfortable. They also are susceptible to more damage.

5. Noise:

You can ask the salesman which tires would make more noise. Some tread designs make more noise than others. Also, it depends upon the speed too. This consideration becomes significant if you drive at high speeds on a highway or quieter roads.


You can either consider bettering your wheel to plus one or plus two sizes or keep them as the OE(Original Equipment) tire and just change its design.

Plus sizing the tire is the easiest way to enhance its performance and grip. If you have an SUV, it will elevate its looks by making it look mightier.

Good quality alloy wheels help them dissipate heat in a better way which will also increase its durability. These wheels can also distribute unsprung weight more evenly.

No matter how good your car is, it is very important to have tires that are of utmost quality since they are the ones responsible for gripping them down on the ground.