Best Remote Car Starters and Things to Consider Before Buying Them

18 Jul 2018
Remote Start System

Best Remote Car Starters and Things to Consider Before Buying Them

As the name suggests, remote car starters allow you to start your car from a remote distance. A remote car starter is wirelessly installed in the car which uses radio receivers to start the engine! Moreover, these some devices allow two-way communication which can start your car from several feet away!

If your car is not compatible with any remote starters from the manufacturers then you can get it fit from any remote starters in Woodbridge and enjoy starting the engine of your vehicle without stepping inside!

Have a look at this aftermarket remote car starters here:

Avital 4103LX Remote Car Starter

Avital is a very popular brand in remote starters and is also a budget-friendly and great choice for the people who are looking for a streamlined remote! This car remote starter offers many features for its value for money!

remote car starters



It is the best remote starter for the first timers because it offers basic locking features along with car starter at many affordable prices.


The only drawback of this starter is that the remote is very small and can be easily be misplaced!

AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD Alarm with the Remote Car Starter

AutoPage offers great functionality remote starters at mid-range price points which works best with various features!



The C3-RS730 remote starter includes keyless entry, valet mode, shock sensor, and a panic mode. You will get two sets of remotes including an LCD screen on one remote!


This starter is tricky to install and the range offered is not as much high as compared to other starters on the list!

Crimestopper RS7-G5 Cool Start

It is the perfect choice for the people who are looking to add a remote starter and keyless entry to an already robust car security system.



This starter offers two rechargeable remotes with one LCD screen and other with button-only functionality. The remote can be programmed to open the vehicle’s truck or sliding doors!


Though it works well, it lacks some basic features like shock sensor and panic modes. This starter works on FM signals which can be prone to interference.

Python LED 2-Way Security Remote Start System

The Python remote starter offers a smartphone application which acts as a backup remote control and offers basic functionality as well!



The remote starter system offers a shock sensor so whenever someone hits your vehicle, you will get alerted by audible alarm to your remote!


The only drawback with this system is that it could be tricky in installing!

Compustar CS800 Remote Car Starter

Compustar is the company which makes remote start systems, security systems, and accessories for the vehicles!



This remote car starter is the cheapest of them all and offers a range up to 1000ft!


Compustar is the hardest is to install amongst all and offers the only basic feature which is starting a car! If you aren’t a DIY type of person then you would need professional help installing this!

Factors to Consider while Buying Remote Starter Kits

These are the 4 factors to keep in mind:


You need to consider quality before the prices when you are looking for a reliable remote starter system.


All the remote starter system offers ranges from 500 to 3,000 feet but is tested without walls and other obstructions in the way.

3.Engine Speed Sensing

Another factor you should be looking in a remote starting kit would be engine speed sensing. A good remote starting kit monitors RPMs to prevent it from over-revving ensuring that a car turns on as it’s supposed to.


You should always check for the warranty printed on these remote systems. These systems consider a chip or ICU unit which is also called brain comes with a warranty that lasts as long as your car!


If you don’t have any remote starter installed in your vehicle then you can try one of these which are mentioned in the above article. You can even get a bundle of the remote engine starting kit and car window tinting in Woodbridge at the best possible prices.