Keep Yourself Guarded And Cool This Summer ✌ Use Window Tints

Ultraviolet rays. Although the sun’s rays practically keep every living thing alive, every pro has its con and in a similar way, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very much capable of harming a person’s skin and can even lead to cancer. In order to prevent this, every measure of self-care is important. Whether it be a move as simple as putting on your SPF 50 sunscreen or getting auto window tinting in Woodbridge done for your car, the safety of your skin in today’s time is much more important than ever before.

As the pollution levels are rising and the effects of global warming are growing to be more fatal as we speak, taking care of the environment or yourself is no longer an option. With the different types of skin cancer growing to be more common with every passing day, a window tint could help change your life quite a bit. While some doctors even go as far as to recommend window tints as a common part of your skincare procedure, even physicians are capable of helping you get tints as part of your medical procedures.

Diseases like:

✍ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: An autoimmune disease where the patient suffers from marked photosensitivity. The disease becomes much more problematic when the patient’s skin is left exposed to UVA rays. Itching and burning sensations become common if the skin is left exposed to the rays of the sun and thus, window tints become a necessity.

✍ Cockayne Syndrome: Genetic disease that can lead to dwarfism and sensitivity to light. Sunburn is common and imprudent amounts of exposure to the sun can lead to skin blisters and skin cancer. Sunglasses and window tints are a must while going outside.

✍ Bloom Syndrome: Almost a mix of systemic lupus erythematosus and Cockayne syndrome, the bloom syndrome leaves patients with dwarfism, low birth weight, and photosensitivity. Butterfly rashes are common and sun exposure only elevates the presence of rashes to the rest of the body. Reddening of the skin, dilated blood vessels and risk of melanoma are higher when exposed to sunlight. Window tints can help reduce these risks.

✍ Melanoma: Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that tends to leave pigment cells called melanocytes all over the skin. It is the most serious form of skin cancer and any patient of the disease needs to be protected from the presence of UVA rays as much as possible. Even if your workplace is only five minutes away, if you have melanoma, window tints are essential.

✍ Solar Urticaria: Also known as ‘sun allergy.’ Chronic hives form as a result of sun exposure and can affect the skin even if you’re wearing clothes and the fabric isn’t thick enough. To prevent any allergic reaction, installing window tints could help reduce any possibilities of pain or distress.

✍ Albinism: Sufferers of Albinism have an inherited condition where the skin is unable to produce the correct amounts of melanin. Their eyes and skin suffer from hyper photosensitivity and are extremely sensitive to any exposure to light, let alone the rays of the sun. Window tints can help control the symptoms of albinism while helping the disease from not getting any worse than it already is. 

While the importance of window tints might not be as recognized as the other skin treatments that doctors have to offer, but any form of health care is dependent on how well you’re able to change up your lifestyle in order to make your life better one step at a time. Medical issues can help you opt for window tints with 20%-32% blockage for your cars, in order to keep your skin protected. The lesser the percentage, the darker the tint.

Whether you choose to put tints on the windows of your home or the windows of your car, if you’re getting tints in order to prevent the aggravation of your diseases, it’s better to keep a few copies of your doctor’s note in order to ensure that you don’t fall victim to any legal issues. Besides the advantages to health and disease prevention that window tints can help you with, window tints also help prevent your car from heating up too much during summers. The provision of solar heat rejection that window tints greet you with can help your car from heating up too much, whilst also helping you perform a more viable climate control by helping you reduce the amount of aircon you end up using in the car.

The quality tire can help you with the best car window tinting in Woodbridge by offering you services that will leave you in awe of the beauty and the security you will receive. In order to add an aesthetic value to your car while working to reduce the heat and damage from reaching you.

If you are looking for the cheapest and easiest way to turn your life around, you can contact us at (703)491-9005.  

Glass Tinting: Crucial Feature Your Car Cannot Do Without

Are you planning to get your car windows tinted and wondering if you should do it yourself or hire a professional? Well, don’t be too stressed out. Both options have merits and demerits of their own.

All you need is to figure out which one is best for you and your car. Sometimes, little additions like car window tint can enhance your driving experience considerably along with providing safety. Window Tinting has become an essential thing when you own a car be it a basic car or even a car that has the system of remote starter from Woodbridge. It offers various benefits such as protecting you from direct UV rays, reduces glare, reduces fuel consumption and also keeps the glass together when encountering accidents. Having one for your car’s window is a wise decision to make. It will enhance your car’s appearance and protect it from harmful effects due to excessive sunlight or heat.

After reading this article, you will be able to decide better which way of installation is better for you.

✍ Advantages of DIY 

Doing it yourself involves a considerable risk of getting it done the wrong way or ruins the tint film. However, one can save a reasonable sum of money if done accurately. For a few people, DIY can be beneficial as they might not have to go through the process of hiring a professional car tinting company to make an appointment for the job. Besides, if you are a person with excellent handy skills, you can do it properly without paying for any additional cost other than the tint film. Also, you can replace the tint as per your wish and upgrade it to trending shades or texture, as there is very little money involved.

✍ Disadvantages of DIY 

There are some disadvantages to doing tinting at home. When it comes to car window tinting, finishing is essential. A single mistake can cost you more than that of hiring professionals. Installation of car window tinting requires skills and patience. It is doing its demands an exceptional understanding of the installation method, knowledge of the process, and proper size sense. Every car is different, and so are their tinting methods. When you do it at home, there are high chances that you end up ruining its entire look by leaving the air trapped within it. Thus, DIY can be extremely stressful for people with less on-hands experience or knowledge of the process. Moreover, material choice and size also play a vital role in this process. Not everyone can make the right judgment regarding the tint material and size. Sometimes, taking help from experts can be time and money saving than relying on tutorial videos on the internet.

✍ Advantages Of Hiring Professionals 

Hiring a professional for the job means you can sit back and relax. Professionals are experienced in handling the situation and doing it correctly in less time. Many professionals are so quick that they can do the job in less than an hour with utmost perfection. Moreover, any mess created by the installer will be taken care of by them. All you have to do is to enjoy the final product with a complete finish. You will find many qualified professionals to assist you with your car window tinting in Woodbridge, which will last longer.

✍ Disadvantages of Professional 

Professional quality can be tough on your pocket at times. You have to make arrangements and appointments to get the job done on your own. The method might take several hours in deciding which company to trust and which not. However, the best way is to go by the reviews given by other customers. With some companies, you have to take your car to their preferred location to get the job done. The process can be time-consuming. You must pick the right company to do the car tinting for you.

Which One Is Better?

After considering both options, it is time to take your call. In this article, you can get a better idea about the pros and cons of both the options available for window tinting in Woodbridge, VA. You choose either of these options to suit your car and lifestyle entirely. Professional help is the best way to avoid your hands getting dirty. However, if you have enough experience and time to spare, try doing it at home. There is no harm in getting you some money saved. 

Tips For Car Windows Tinting

There are many different types of window tinting available for your vehicle. These range from low-quality ones to those with high or acceptable quality. It is best to avoid the cheap window tints since they are essentially a waste of time.  Such tints tend to either peel off or turn opaque with a short time. Good window tenting will prevent the harmful UV rays from damaging the interior of your vehicle. It also helps protects one from intense sunlight in summer. There are many other benefits of using window tinting including privacy and security.

This article lists several tips for window tinting and the types of tinting available. It is a good guide for someone looking for Window Tinting in Woodbridge VA.

Tips for Car Window Tinting

✍ All of us tend to give importance to the cost, which is good to some extent however; it is not a good idea to make a decision based on the cost alone. The main reason being is that some of the cheaper options tend to turn violet and make it impossible to see outside the window.

✍ The lower end tint jobs are less likely to be aesthetic.

✍ Make sure you inquire about the warranty of the window tint. The good quality ones do tend to last a long time however if for some reason it develops a crack soon after applying it or if it is cheap one that starts to peel off; having a warranty means you can have it replaced at no extra cost.

✍ Windows tints with warranty tend to be more durable and high consumer confidence.

✍ There are many types of windows tinting available with the advancement in technology. Hence, it is essential for you to be aware of many types available to makes sure you pick the right one.

✍ The level of opaqueness and thickness of the tinted car vary, thus this is something to look out for. One of the other important factors to consider is that different states across the USA have different rules & regulations on the type of tint one can install.

✍ A good tint job will enhance the appearance of your car and help make it stand out from the rest.

✍ For those who require a higher level of privacy; a good and elegant tint job is the best option.

✍ Car owners do have an option of the level of opaqueness and color which range from light to dark and even charcoal. However, it is important to consider the limitations of the respective state.

✍ One of the major issues of being exposed to sunlight for a long time includes premature aging, skin cancer, and sunburn. It is unlikely to get a sunburn in a car however the window tint can be useful preventing other issues since they can prevent 99% of the UV rays from reaching the occupants.

✍ Besides preventing the harmful rays of sunlight from entering the car it also keeps its vehicle cooler thus, making the AC system more efficient and also reducing cooling costs.​

Types of Windows Tinting

There are many types of Window Tinting in Woodbridge, VA from simple tint films like dyed ones, to special-purpose ones. The windows tint can be metalized to efficiently reflect the sunlight and strengthen the window to make it shatterproof.

Some of the popular types of window tints are listed here:

➤ Ceramic Tints

➤ Carbon Tints

➤ Dyed Metal Tints

➤ Dyed Charcoal Tints

➤ Mirror Tints

➤ Cleat Tints

➤ Non Reflective Tints

➤ High-performance tints

Quality Tire Custom Auto Shoppe offers the best window tinting in Woodbridge, VA. The two most popular brands available are Suntek Window tint and Huper Optik window tint. Suntek offers a lifetime warranty on their window tints which is a carbon series window tinting. This is a dark window tint which has the ability to keep the heat out and not affect any devices like the GPS device or your mobile phone.

On the other hand, Huper Optik is a ceramic window tint that can efficiently block out sunlight and also absorb and dissipate the heat. This place is more than just tints; it also offers remote starters in Woodbridge as well as high-performance tires for trucks and passenger vehicles.

4 Significant Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

A car is one of the most expensive things that you own. When it comes to taking care of your beloved car, you do not wish to compromise with anything. For your car to run smoothly on the road and live long, you make sure that all the essential accessories are well-maintained so that they contribute to the overall performance of your car. From all the necessary car accessories that are available and installed by the car owner, one of the most common accessories purchased by most of the car owners is window tints.

Significant car owners decide to install tints, and it is becoming more and more popular. The demand for car window tint is increasing worldwide, and we can clearly notice why. There are numerous reasons for applying a thin laminate film to your car windows. tinting car windows is not only to enhance the aesthetics of your car, but it does also have certain other benefits, worth considering.

Top reasons for tinting your car’s windows and few advantages of tinting your car window:

✍ Block Harmful UV Rays

We all love it when the sun comes out from behind the clouds. But we all hate the rays when it comes inside our car. It is not a secret that directly exposed to sunlight can be harmful to our health. Excessive UV rays can harm your skin and cause health issues like sunburn, premature aging, skin cancer, suppression of the immune system, skin allergies, and skin damage. A quality tint can block 90% of the UV rays and keep your skin protected from the harmful rays while driving. This installation can be a good idea for those who live where the sun beats down constantly. for professional car window tinting in Woodbridge, you can Quality Tire.

✍ Increased privacy

One of the major reasons why more and more people have started considering window tint is increased privacy. Tint window film can reject visible light from making its way inside your car interior, hence it is making difficult for eyes to see what’s inside the car. This will help you with burglary.  It is a great way to make a burglar think twice about their actions.  If in case you leave your cell phone, laptop, or any other expensive things in your car, you can prevent it from stealing. Most importantly, it will give you privacy.

✍ Provides a cool and comfortable interior

One of the common reasons for the popularity of tinting is that it keeps the car cool. Tinting film can be a great investment in the sunny days where direct exposure to the heat can be very dangerous to health. A regular window glass only filters about 30% of solar heat, whereas a professionally installed window tint can block more than 80% of the heat. The major benefit of heat reduction is that it keeps the car cooler even in the hot summer times and makes the car more luxurious and comfortable.

The final benefit of keeping your cool is that the film act as preservation to the luxury car interior. Continuous exposure to excessive heat can damage or develop cracks in your car’s leather seats. Also, can cause fading of the interior.

✍Keeps glass from shattering

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the tinting is that in case of a car accident it will prevent your windows from shattering all over yourself and your car. The tinted window is laminate, and when applied to the car’s window, it usually holds the little pieces of glass window and provides an entirely sealed unit. Broken glass can get in your eyes and create a major problem for you. This safety reason enough to consider installing tint for your car window.

Final Thoughts

Installing tint is a personal choice. However, beyond just installing tint for enhancing the tint with the aspect of the aesthetic alluring and appealing look, it has become a necessity.  Installing tint is not very expensive but the benefits are beyond the price.

Professionally installed tint can help you leverage all the benefits of the window tint in the right way. We here at Quality Tire assist you with installing the highest quality tint for your car window.  We are a synonym when it comes to window tinting in Woodbridge, VA.  We offer different types of tinting base on your car’s requirements and needs.

 To know more about us, visit our website, Quality Tire.

Differences Between DIY And Professional Window Tint Installation

If you are going to modify your car then window tinting is of the most practical projects that you can undertake. Window tinting in Woodbridge, VA will not only improve the look of your ride but also offers some protective benefits which might help you recoup your investment when you try to sell your car. 

However, if you decide to install a window tint kit then you will be doing yourself and your car a favor. However, before you start the project, you have a few decisions to make and some things to research. First is your budget. As with most automotive projects, you have a wide range of price options available. You can buy the cheapest tinting kit online and install it yourself or pay a high-tech shop and spend hundreds of dollars to install the highest-quality tints. 

So, the next decision you will have to make is whether you want to pay a shop to handle the installation or do it yourself. You will also need to do some research to understand what’s involved in the project. Also, with every modification you make to make your vehicle, you want to make sure it complies with the laws in your state and municipality. That doesn’t mean every window tint is illegal. If it were, there would be no point in writing this article. 

Further, you want to make sure you understand your parameters when you get a window tint kit. 

Why Window Tint?

One of the biggest reasons people get window tinted is the improvement of their car’s appearance. Dark shades of your windows would just look awesome. Making your car look good is important but it is not the greatest benefit of window tinting. 

Window tints are designed to provide important protection to your car’s interior when the sun gets hot. Tints will block sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your leather seats, plastic dash, trim pieces. 

Moreover, tints also keep the car’s interior temperature in check. On sunny days, your car’s interior can reach as high as 160 degrees and your car’s air conditioning system has to work hard to combat these extreme temperatures. 

Furthermore, tinted windows can help you provide some privacy when you are driving around the town. 

Professional Installation VS DIY

Installing a window tint kit is not the easiest job you could undertake but with the right tools and good skills, you could achieve a result that can compete with a professional job. 

 Pros of DIY Installation 

Options To Fit Every Aspect And Budget

There is a huge world of aftermarket car accessories available which offers hundreds of different DIY window tinting kits. As with every automotive parts, quality varies widely in accordance with the prices. Although, your budget is an important consideration but the durability and ease of the installation of your window tinting kit should also carry some weight. 

Precuts kits 

When you are searching for window tinting kits, you will most probably have two options: precut or whole sheets. You can also buy precuts kits which are precision-measured and cut to fit your windows right out of the box. 

While these precut kits will also save you a lot of time when compared to using whole sheets. 

More Economical

If you choose the DIY kit then it will help you save a lot of money. This simply means that you don’t have to shop for the labor to install your windows tints. 


Finally, after doing the job by yourself will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. 

 Pros Of Professional Installation 

Experienced technicians

If you are going to get your job done by the professionals then they will have the right tools and experience for it. 


This is the biggest reason why you should get window tints professionally done as they will provide a guarantee for its work. If you aren’t happy about it or the tint gets fade in a few months then they will get it right. 

Value for money

The results between DIY Car Window Tinting in Woodbridge and pro would literally vary, especially if you have done it for the first time. It’s possible that the time you have saved by getting the tint done by a pro would provide you value for money. 

Top 4 Benefits Of Having Your Car Tinted!

Everyone talks about vehicle maintenance and the car’s engine, but nobody takes care of the car’s windows.  You might have heard about window tint or window film that adds a look and aesthetic value, but this is more than this. Window tinting is all about offering long-lasting functional advantages to protect your vehicles.

 Why are tinted car windows beneficial?

They are useful in so many ways, and it helps block UV sunlight rays, and it offers privacy from people looking into your auto or car. Auto window tinting Woodbridge can be an aesthetic and functional way to customize your ride.

Having tint applied to the vehicle’s window is not just about to look, feel, and aesthetic value as it is more than this. Tinted car windows or Car window tinting Woodbridge can generate many beneficial side effects, and we will talk about them in detail.

1.Protect UV rays entering into your car:

It can be applied to any new or used vehicle to improve and enhances performance and value. It prevents entering harmful sunlight into your car and prevents its many harmful impacts on the skin. UV rays are harmful to both your skin and eyes and a high dose of it can damage your body too so tinted windows can be a safeguard.

If you are among the drivers who have to spend many hours driving and exposing to these harmful rays, then it can be a good option for you. Tinted car windows provide protection and keep you safe from UV rays.

2.Protect the car itself:

Tinted windows protect the car from damaging rays. The rays can impact a car’s interior by passing through its seat covers, dash, flooring, and any part exposed to UV rays. It can damage the interior of the car, and overheated parts emit dangerous chemicals.  It blocks harsh sunlight discolor vinyl/leather and fade upholstery.

It makes your car look newer for a long time by protecting the interiors of your car from warping and cracking. It also blocks windshield glare.

3.Good for the environment:

If you have a tinted car window, then your car does not get hot and emit dangerous chemicals.  The less hot car does not require more air conditioning that means less gas usage. This is how it can prove a suitable and ideal option for your wallet and environment too.

4.Good for your health:

It saves you from UV rays, dangerous chemicals, and many skin issues, so it is good for your health. So ignore everything and ride smartly by having tinted windows. You can keep your vehicle cool even if heat is on.

Sometimes it becomes hard to find the right air conditioning level for every passenger, but this solution can resolve the issue. Window film can block solar heat up to 35% and balance the right level of heat. It helps balance comfort and climate for everyone and prevents overuse of air conditioning.

Safety is another benefit using window tint or film as this is designed to offer shattered glass protection. It prevents the glass from shattering if any object hits it.  Thieves can also find it difficult to get into the car by breaking through tinted glass, so go for it and ensure extra protection for your health, wallet, environment, and passengers.

Window film or tinting is available in a variety of shading that offers a level of privacy for your passengers and you too. These are a few benefits of installing window tint. It can bring so many benefits along with the peace of mind. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Auto window tinting in Woodbridge.

Get a Sporty finish to the Ordinary Car

Ordinary Car have become a necessity good in every part of the world. There are third world countries where cars are considered a luxury good. In the developed countries, are bare necessity an individual owns for his daily commute. The continuous evolvement in engineering and advanced technology made the modern cars available to the commoners. The development of concrete infrastructure has added a smooth road for the cars in the market.

How a Good Car is reviewed?

A car is reviewed on the basis of two components extensively. Its Internal and External parts. Internal consists of power train and chaises, air conditioner system, hose, bearings, and other miscellaneous systems. An external system comprises doors and windows, electrical and electronics, floor and seat components.

Power train and chaises contain engineering functioning. The engine is like the heart of the car which pumps power in the car. Electrical and electronics refer to the equipment and the installations done to provide access to the user.

ordinary car

In interiors, Dual colour theme or mono colour theme is applied. The dashboard-style depends on the size of the car. Dual glove box with either touch screen infotainment system or the music system flanked by the two vertical air conditioner vents with silver coating. A steering wheel is in sync with the modern cars that comes with the steering-mounted controls for the infotainment and Bluetooth telephony. The speedometer is a small circular tachometer house with a multi-information display.

All the above listed are the basic components which are fitted by the car manufacturer. Nowadays it is common to directly approach the car manufacturer and provide a list of specifications that the buyer needs in the car. Specifications can be based on geographical climate such as a thick layer of car window tinting in Woodbridge due to extreme climate conditions.

Automotive accessories is an unorganized and highly competitive market across the globe. There are various car accessories stores which provide all the services such as custom wheels. Tint, lift kits, vehicle lettering, remote start, and tires. is a custom auto shop in the United States of America is a megastore for all types of Car Accessories.

What is Window tinting in Woodbridge VA all about?

A tint is a thin sheet of laminate film installed on exterior and interior of glass to avoid extreme sunlight and give privacy. Giving your car the feeling of sporty and keeping it cool especially if you are travelling with children. The law says that the film screen should allow a minimum 75% of light in. The front window should allow 70% of light in.

Different types of Window Tints

Dyed Window Tint film- this tint film is readily available in the market at the ch4eaper rates. It gives a clear vision from the inside and is black in colour from the outer surface. It doesn’t give UV rays coverage in the summer and has a poor cooling effect as well.

Metallised Window Tint Film- The shiny metallic finish film helps in keeping out the heat and gives a reflective coating. It is highly durable and scratch –free. The radio coverage and infotainment receive poor signals.

Carbon Window Tint Film- Carbon particles allow to receive strong satellite signals for usage of phone and radio. Matt finish film provides full coverage from sun and saves the cost of air-conditioners.

Crème-de-la-crème- The best tint film in the market which is durable, scratch free, matt finish, and gives full coverage from heat. Being new in the market is expensive enough to protect from all the UV rays.

Things to remember before getting a car window tinting in Woodbridge

1. Specially designed tint are available for the different car model
2. Application of tints include an eight-steps procedure
3. There is a professional guide on social media platforms
4. A bundle of offers are available for car tints

Give your car a sporty finish now!

Window Tinting Services: Perfection is the Priority

Are you in a dilemma as to why invest money in tinted windows in a difficult economy?

Quality Tire provides quality window tinting services for those looking for higher products and flawless services. Enhancing the look of your vehicle and adding an extra layer of protection and security, it provides a full line of auto accessories as well as custom wheels & tires. With a lifetime guarantee and an expert installation, your window tint in Woodbridge will look like a million bucks.

While it reduces the energy cost and also provides better safety for your family and you. The company makes every effort to mark sure that the customers are satisfied with the quality craftsmanship done on their car, truck, boat or RV, and they are happy with the services they received. The Tint Shop is relied upon by many car dealers and auto body repair shops as a place to get tinted windows for their customers.

Window Tinting Services

Serving Northern Virginia, Window Tint in Woodbridge offers a complete line of Automotive & Commercial films. Window Tinting is its Specialty. The Window Film stops the sun from destroying the interior of your home and the home window tinting reduces the glare and heat to save your money by cutting your energy bill.

Window tinting can add style and uniqueness to any car. It also protects you from the scorching heat and helps in maintaining privacy.

However, selecting the right tinting is very necessary. Below are few guidelines for choosing a car window tinting company that gives both style and elegance to your car:

  • Familiarize yourself with various options
  • To get the best quality
  • Consider buying UV-reflecting tints
  • To Learn state tinting laws
  • Tinting to be done by a professional
  • To know where to tint and how to maintain the tint properly
  • Protecting the car from high-temperature heat and fading.

Hence, considering this surely will make your car look stylish with a solid tinting job, just to be sure to be well-informed before getting it installed. For this there are several types of Tints which are the following:

Types of Tints:

Dyed Window Film:

This is one of the most popular ones, but the oldest method in the automobile market. A dyed window film is made by putting a layer of the film between the adhesive material and the top protective layer. It produces the dark effect as it can block out 50% of direct light. 

Composite Window Film:

It is referred to as metalized window films, which consists of layers of different materials to give a metallic look to your windows. These tints are perfect at blocking sunlight, reflecting heat and controlling vehicle’s temperature. This is also very long-lasting.

Hybrid Window Film:

This is a mixture of dyed and metalized film. It is very effective at blocking UV rays. Also, it saves the car’s interiors from fading.

Ceramic Film:

This is the modern tint type in the market. It is a combination of all mainly three types of window films. Ceramic film is an all-purpose film. It is very costly among all available in the market. It protects from direct sunlight. The ceramic film has an advanced technology that does not interfere with electronics, radar detection, mobile phone and other radio frequency technologies you rely on in your vehicle.

Similarly, Car tinting is the most economical way to protect the interior of your vehicle and also provide extreme privacy. If you are in search to install window tint film for cars, you can consider for windows tinting. They use top quality tints and films to make sure that you experience the best.

However, most people prefer to install High-Quality window tint film for cars to achieve a more sleek and classy look!

5 Questions You Should Ask a Car Window Tinting Company

Window tinting involves countless benefits that include protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays, reducing the solar heat and protecting your interiors. Because of these benefits, getting your car tinted is generally the first thing that people do as soon as they purchase a car.

There are many tinting companies available in the market. But, is there a way to find out a company which does the best auto window tinting in Woodbridge? Well, here is a list of some important questions that will help you choose the right company:

Window tinting

  1. What kind of tints is available to you, which one should I choose and why?

You should always ask them what kind of tints do they keep and which one will work best as per your needs. They should have the knowledge of the materials and their properties. A good tinting company will help you with the selection of the tint material.

  1. How long will the tint last?

The lifespan of a tint depends on various factors which include material type, quality and weather conditions. Many of these films will last for about 10 years.

The length of time for which the tint will last also depends on the installation technique. Wrongly installed tint will not work for a long time. It is thus important to get it installed by a good tinting company.

  1. How long will the tinting process take?

Tinting process can typically take 45 minutes to a couple of hours. But the installer might want to keep your vehicle for at least a half day to ensure the film binds to the glass properly. You should always ask this question and make arrangements for your personal transportation for that day.

  1. Does it have any warranty?

Most window tints come with a lifetime warranty. Make sure your installer gives you this and specifies the relevant details in it that is needed to be filled by him. It is important that you understand the warranty terms and exceptions.

Only an authorized tint dealer will give you a warranty.

  1. What is the final price of the tint?

Ask the tinting company to give you the final price quotation. See if the quotation mentions what you had asked for. After getting a final quotation from one tint shop, compare this with other shops. Remember that quality should not be compromised for price. It should only be the last criteria.

It is important to note that some states have defined how much visibility should be allowed. If a window tint installed by you is illegal in your state, you can get penalized for this.

Remember, a bad tint is worse than none at all. You should be very careful while selecting the tint installer. Always compare at least 3 to 4 companies before you settle for one. You should see their online reviews and feedback, this can be very helpful. Quality Tire is a good company in the Woodbridge area. You should consider them too while comparing tint companies.