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New custom rims and tires are a must for cars and trucks today to give them that overall appearance that says my ride is better than your ride. Whether you choose chrome rims, black wheels, truck wheels, or rims tires. We have wheel, custom rims and tires packages that will fit any budget and any vehicle.


We Are The Wheel and Tire Fitment Experts, With Over 20 Years Experience. We Know What Fits.




asanti chrome rims

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Best Deals On These Wheel Lines:


kmc rims

ultra black wheels

massiv chrome wheels

american racing wheels

dale earnhardt jr. wheels

kmc wheels

xd wheels

boyd coddington wheels

moto metal wheels

atx wheels

motegi racing wheels

lorenzo wheels

venti plus wheels

diamo wheels

alba wheels

helo wheels

ice metal wheels

carroll shelby wheels

tis wheels

dropstars wheels

modular society wheels

lexani wheels

lexani rbp wheels

asanti wheels

enkei wheels


radd wheels

falken wheels

wheel replicas

mezzano wheels

rox wheels

verde wheels

black ice wheels

prova wheels

bigg wheels

miror wheels

kasino wheels


cruiser alloy wheels

drifz wheels

maas wheels

gear alloy wheels

icw racing wheels

pasati wheels

platinum wheels

ultra wheels

zora wheels

monster wheels



elure wheels

eclipse wheels

massive wheels

u2 wheels

golden wheel

f5 racing wheels

strada wheels

velocity wheels

tyfun wheels

fierro wheels

xoni wheels

hoya wheels

jagruti wheels


american eagle alloys

player wire wheels

starr wheels

giovanna chrome wheels

american eagle wheels

boss wheels

msr wheels

voodoo wheels

usa forged wheels

xtreme motor wheels



limited wheels

ferretti wheels

player wheels

player wire wheels

shooz wheels

cabo wheels

dynasty wheels

starr wheels

effen wheels

rockstar wheels

gfg wheels

gianelle wheels

giovanna wheels

giovanna forged wheels

giovanna gg wheels

g racing wheels


pather wheels

koning wheels

mht dub niche wheels

beyern bmw mercedes mandrus wheels

akuza wheels

incubus wheels

palidin wheels

cativo wheels

rev wheels

menzari wheels

ballistic wheels

martin brothers wheels

devino wheels

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rich evans wheels

panther wheels

cragar wheels

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private wheels

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axis wheels


ace alloy rims

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forgiato custom staggered rims

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dragg wheels


Other Wheel Lines To Choose From

5 zigen wheels

amg wheels

abt sportsline wheels

ac schnitzer wheels

ack wheels

advanti racing wheels

aicona wheels

akita racing wheels

akuma racing wheels

alloy techonolgies wheels

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brabus wheels

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davin blak wheels

x power wheels

zane wheels

zenith wheels

baccarat wheels

bazo wheels

blaque diamond wheels


davin ds series wheels

davin street spin wheels

dayton wire wheels

dcr wheels

defy wheels

detata wheels

don corleone wheels

donz wheels

e forged wheels

empire wheels

feracci wheels

fesler wheels

fierro wheels

focus wheels

foxx wheels

gzc wheels

hamann wheels

id wheels

ilan wheels

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hipnotic wheels

hre wheels

i forged wheels

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ice wheels

ion wheels

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intro wheels

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j2 wheels

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karrizzma wheels

kicks wheels

kinesis wheels

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kyowa racing wheels

lenso wheels

le wheels

luxor wire wheels

marcato wheels

maya wheels

mazzi wheels

megav wheels

menza wheelsri

merceli wheels

myro wheels

modello wheels

mogul wheels

momo wheels

monaco wheels

monet wheels

moven wheels

moz wheels

mpw wheels

mrr design wheels

nad wheels


oasis wheels

xon wheels

ze forged wheels

zoe wheels

c cubed wheels

c squared wheels

d forged wheels

daat wheels

p miller wheels

pinnicle racing wheels

pinnicle wheels

raceline wheels

bonetti wheels

rennen wheels

riax wheels

roadster wire wheels

razzi wheels

russtec wheels

sacchi wheels

sato wheels

savinni forged wheels

scorpian wheels

shift wheels

sinister wheels

strut wheels

symbolic wheels

team dynamics wheels

techart wheels

tenzo racing wheels

tezzen wheels

tig wheels

touren wheels

tte wheels

urban racing wheels

valente wheels

vertini wheels

weld evo wheels

xtc wheels

zenetti wheels

zyoxx wheels

oem wheels

polo wheels

r1 racing wheels

r2 racing wheels

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vct wheels

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velox wheels

volt racing wheels

Wired wheels

blazn wheels

51 fifty wheels

omega wheels

dvs wheels



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Welcome to Quality Tire Discount custom wheels, custom rims and tires including staggered wheel and tire packages from Quality Tire. We only offer top quality name brand custom discounted wheel rims and tires for your truck, SUV and car. We have the widest selection of truck rims, in all sizes from 17 inch wheels to 24 inch wheels. Find the best deals for discount rim wheel and tire packages on the internet. Our wheel, tire and rim expert sales staff is ready to help you find not only the proper fit, or perfect style for your truck, car or SUV, but also give you the best price, weather your a wholesale customer or retail customer. If you're shopping for brand name, quality wheels and tires, give us a call


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