How to Get Rid of Window Tint Bubbles

22 Feb 2019
Auto Window Tinting

How to Get Rid of Window Tint Bubbles

There are many benefits of having a tinted window in home or car. It helps in increasing energy efficiency, protect you from the UV rays, and make your vehicle or home look appealing. However, sometimes, immediately after the tinting process, bubbles start to appear. It happens mostly when people apply the tint by themselves and even rarely by professional installers.

Moreover, bubbles can also appear because of too much humidity in the air. You can get a remote starter to install to maintain the inside temperature of your car. You can look for a range of remote starters in Woodbridge to get a variety of options and the best quality.

Tint bubbles look ugly as well as hamper the outside sight from the window, thus making it a bit useless and annoying. However, you can prevent the formation of tiny bubbles beforehand by keeping in mind a few things.

Here are a few hints to help you prevent getting bubbles:

  • Pick the correct tint. The better the window tint’s quality, the more uncertain it is to bubble.
  • Get it installed from a professional. Proficient installers are experts on how to skillfully follow the tint and avert issues.
  • Carefully clean the tinted side. Use items that don’t have ammonia to secure the film and bond. Also, don’t use vinegar to clean windows. Items that indicate “for use on tinted windows” or plain cleanser and water are ideal.
  • Be more careful with the edges. Especially, while cleaning the window, avoid washing the edges. The edges are the end of the tinted layer, so there are high chances of getting the tint damaged from edges.

These tips can help prevent bubbles in window tint, in many occasions, however now and then there are chances they can arise. At the point when that occurs, you need to be mindful to get rid of it.

How to remove tint bubbles?

Start the procedure by warming the window with the tint bubbles. The most effortless approach to do this is to leave the vehicle in a warm spot, with the window facing direct sunlight. Sometimes, for example, in winter or in a moist area, this method is useless.

In case, you are not able to utilize the sun rays to warm the window tint, at that point you can utilize a normal hair dryer to warm the window. Ensure you keep the hair dryer no less than four feet from the window and hold moving it forward and backward to guarantee equal heating to every side.

When the window is warm, fill a splash bottle with room temperature water. At that point, lightly mist the window. Be mindful so as to not drench the window. Only a light mist to damper the tinted window.

When the window is warm and soaks, utilize a flat and thin material to slowly smooth out the bubbles. You need to begin at the best and tenderly slide down. Be very cautious as being aggressive can tear the window tint.

Moreover, in case you speculate little tint bubbles but you aren’t sure that they exist, you can check to utilize a lint-free fabric. Basically, rub the material down the length of the tint. This way, you can feel the bubbles if they exist.

While removing the tint bubbles, you have to be very mindful as a little carelessness can damage the tint. If you follow the above tips, with extra precautions, you will certainly get rid of your tint bubble trouble. Moreover, to avoid the bubbles in the first place, get a professional window tinting in Woodbridge, VA. Here, you will find experts who are pro in tinting window so that it won’t lead into forming bubbles.