Keep Yourself Guarded And Cool This Summer ✌ Use Window Tints

17 Jan 2020
Window Tinting

Keep Yourself Guarded And Cool This Summer ✌ Use Window Tints

Ultraviolet rays. Although the sun’s rays practically keep every living thing alive, every pro has its con and in a similar way, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very much capable of harming a person’s skin and can even lead to cancer. In order to prevent this, every measure of self-care is important. Whether it be a move as simple as putting on your SPF 50 sunscreen or getting auto window tinting in Woodbridge done for your car, the safety of your skin in today’s time is much more important than ever before.

As the pollution levels are rising and the effects of global warming are growing to be more fatal as we speak, taking care of the environment or yourself is no longer an option. With the different types of skin cancer growing to be more common with every passing day, a window tint could help change your life quite a bit. While some doctors even go as far as to recommend window tints as a common part of your skincare procedure, even physicians are capable of helping you get tints as part of your medical procedures.

Diseases like:

✍ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: An autoimmune disease where the patient suffers from marked photosensitivity. The disease becomes much more problematic when the patient’s skin is left exposed to UVA rays. Itching and burning sensations become common if the skin is left exposed to the rays of the sun and thus, window tints become a necessity.

✍ Cockayne Syndrome: Genetic disease that can lead to dwarfism and sensitivity to light. Sunburn is common and imprudent amounts of exposure to the sun can lead to skin blisters and skin cancer. Sunglasses and window tints are a must while going outside.

✍ Bloom Syndrome: Almost a mix of systemic lupus erythematosus and Cockayne syndrome, the bloom syndrome leaves patients with dwarfism, low birth weight, and photosensitivity. Butterfly rashes are common and sun exposure only elevates the presence of rashes to the rest of the body. Reddening of the skin, dilated blood vessels and risk of melanoma are higher when exposed to sunlight. Window tints can help reduce these risks.

✍ Melanoma: Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that tends to leave pigment cells called melanocytes all over the skin. It is the most serious form of skin cancer and any patient of the disease needs to be protected from the presence of UVA rays as much as possible. Even if your workplace is only five minutes away, if you have melanoma, window tints are essential.

✍ Solar Urticaria: Also known as ‘sun allergy.’ Chronic hives form as a result of sun exposure and can affect the skin even if you’re wearing clothes and the fabric isn’t thick enough. To prevent any allergic reaction, installing window tints could help reduce any possibilities of pain or distress.

✍ Albinism: Sufferers of Albinism have an inherited condition where the skin is unable to produce the correct amounts of melanin. Their eyes and skin suffer from hyper photosensitivity and are extremely sensitive to any exposure to light, let alone the rays of the sun. Window tints can help control the symptoms of albinism while helping the disease from not getting any worse than it already is. 

While the importance of window tints might not be as recognized as the other skin treatments that doctors have to offer, but any form of health care is dependent on how well you’re able to change up your lifestyle in order to make your life better one step at a time. Medical issues can help you opt for window tints with 20%-32% blockage for your cars, in order to keep your skin protected. The lesser the percentage, the darker the tint.

Whether you choose to put tints on the windows of your home or the windows of your car, if you’re getting tints in order to prevent the aggravation of your diseases, it’s better to keep a few copies of your doctor’s note in order to ensure that you don’t fall victim to any legal issues. Besides the advantages to health and disease prevention that window tints can help you with, window tints also help prevent your car from heating up too much during summers. The provision of solar heat rejection that window tints greet you with can help your car from heating up too much, whilst also helping you perform a more viable climate control by helping you reduce the amount of aircon you end up using in the car.

The quality tire can help you with the best car window tinting in Woodbridge by offering you services that will leave you in awe of the beauty and the security you will receive. In order to add an aesthetic value to your car while working to reduce the heat and damage from reaching you.

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