Having a Hard Time Finding The Best Tinting Material Options For Your Vehicle? Read Below!

17 Jun 2020
car window tinting

Having a Hard Time Finding The Best Tinting Material Options For Your Vehicle? Read Below!

Window tints are one of the most common and essential vehicle accessories no matter any type of vehicle like car or SUV. In fact, it is quite common for the new owners to first visit a vehicle accessories shop to get their window tints. They are highly effective in protecting the interior of the vehicle as well as the occupants from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Besides protecting against harmful sun rays they also offer a high degree of security and make the vehicle more efficient in terms of energy.

Vehicles owners have the option of many different types of accessories this includes many different types of window tints. There is the option of many different types of materials like carbon, carbon XP, ceramic tinting. This article lists the best tinting materials and provides tips on how to select one. It is a must-read for those considering auto window tinting in Woodbridge.

Best Window Tinting Material

Ceramic Material: This type of tint is made from microscopic ceramic nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are held together on an adhesive film, however, they are not visible with the naked eye. A ceramic window tint is highly effective and has the ability to block up to 50% of solar heat. One of the major advantages of using a ceramic tint is that it can be used at any time of the day. It is highly effective against the harmful UV rays by blocking them, removing the glare, and absorbing the rays of sunlight. It does this by preventing it from penetrating the windows. This type of tinting material is also highly effective in making the windows resistant to shattering from accidents or occasional stones that might hit the glass. It increases the aesthetic value of the vehicle and also provides better privacy.

Carbon XP Tint: The carbon XP window tint is a non-reflective, rich black material that usually comes along with a lifetime warranty. It has sufficient protection against fading as well. The film blocks approximately 99% of harmful UV rays. Carbon XP has an advantage over Carbon tinting since it works harder to provide comfort to the interior of the vehicle. It also offers a higher level of solar energy rejection. This is one of the best methods of reducing glare and blocking heat. It also helps contribute towards the aesthetic value of a vehicle. Quality Tire offers Suntek brand window tint that also includes a lifetime warranty.

Carbon Tinting: Carbon Tint helps enhance the performance of luxury vehicles. It uses innovative technologies and is specially engineered to meet the current industry standards and performance demands. This is a non-metal nano-hybrid carbon tint technology. It is fade-resistant and scientifically formulated with a true black finish. It allows clear communication since it does not block any GPS or satellite radio signals, or cellular phones signal. Thus, it does not interfere with navigation, phone conversations, or any other electronic device in the vehicle.

Tips on Picking the Best Window Tint

Quality Tire Custom Auto Shoppe is one of the best places for vehicle accessories. We have a wide range of windows tinting options, besides which we also offer other accessories like remote start system, backup camera, backup sensors, alarms security, car stereos, trucks accessories, custom wheels as well as tires. We have accessories for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. There are many benefits of opting for window tint helps improve the aesthetic level of the vehicle, increases the level of comfort, provides good UV protection, and a high level of safety and privacy.

Here are a few tips on how to get the best window tint for your vehicle:

1. Purple window tint is a sign that the tint has lost its protective properties and needs to be replaced.

2. Window tint can be dark or light however, darker does not necessarily mean it is high quality since a light shade can also be highly effective.

3. Each state has different rules and regulations on how dark and thick the window is thus, it is important to be aware of the local tint laws.