How to Install a Car remote starter?

9 Aug 2018
Remote Start System

How to Install a Car remote starter?

Remote starters are used in cars to lock or unlock the vehicle from a specific distance! Basically, remote starters are installed by experts or it might damage your vehicle’s electronics! However, if you wish to install a remote starter in Woodbridge, you can locate your nearest garage and get it. It’s that simple!

Moreover if you know how to install a remote starter, you can save money on installation and time as well! Here are the steps to install a car starter in your car!

Planning the Installation

First of all, you need to select a remote starter that is compatible with your vehicle make and model! For that, you need to read the instructions on the box or contact the manufacturer to determine it. You’ll need to buy a starter that is compatible with your anti-theft system or else you will need to buy additional anti-theft bypass modules.

Remote Starters in Woodbridge

Before installing the remote starter, you should read the instructions carefully as it can vary depending upon different brands and models. If you bought a remote starter that does not include directions or any manual then you can check it online. You need to make sure that the website has easy to use instructions and diagrams and printable directions to install a remote starter in your car.

Go through the manual to determine what tools you will need to install the remote starter. A utility knife, wire cutters, wire strippers, soldering iron, electrical tape, wrenches, and screwdrivers are some of the basic tools you will need. However, some remote starter kits also include tools in it, so check it before getting started.

You should choose a secure and hidden place in the vehicle to install the main module. However, experts suggest that the actual position to install it should be beneath the steering wheel.

Now that you have got all the tools and decided to place the main module, the first thing that you should do is disconnect the battery! It is safe if you work on the electrical systems of your vehicle after disconnecting the battery.

Wiring the Remote Starter

Start removing the panel covering under the steering wheel using a screwdriver. This is the place where you can get accessed to all the wires to connect the starter. After that, connect the wires securely using the soldering iron and solder as loose wires can cause major property loss or may cause injury! Now, locate the 12V constant wire and attach the power wire to it. The 12V wire is the one which is attached to the battery. If you can’t locate that wire, you can read the vehicle’s owner manual or test it using a multimeter.

Then try and find the accessory wire, ignition wire, starter wire and connect all the wires together with the starter remote using a soldering iron and solder! After soldering it, connect them with the parking light and brake wires. Now, you’ll need to search and connect the tachometer wire to the tachometer output wire on the remote sensor!

This is necessary because the remote starter should disengage once the car starts. Additionally, you can even install any security or anti-theft or any other optional components. If you have more than one wire for power, accessory, and the starter then wrap the wires together and wrap them around the pins using a zip tie or screws.

After completing the installation, connect the battery and test the starter to check if all the functions are working well. At last, cover all the wiring using the panels.

To make your car more customized, you can also choose some other options like installing car accessories or car window tinting Woodbridge. Hire a right company and you are done!