Major Differences Between Steel And Alloy Wheels

11 Apr 2017
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Major Differences Between Steel And Alloy Wheels

By looking at customized wheels and tires on the roads, you must have thought, at least for once about having them for your car. People spend extra bucks to get these wheels and tires, but what are the differences between steel and alloy wheels?

Let’s find out.


Alloy Wheels


The two of the most common wheel types are steel and alloy wheels. Before you go to buy custom rims and tires, read what are the differences between them. The basic difference that we all know is, steel is the metal that is used for generally all OEM rims, but alloy rims are lighter and stronger than steel ones.


Advantages of Steel wheels:

The major difference that you should know is, steel wheels are a lot cheaper than alloy wheels. This is because of the production technique used by the manufacturers. They are also easy to repair since they can be hammered back into place if it gets bent. On the contrary, alloy wheels can’t be mended easily, moreover, they tend to get cracked more often. Since alloy wheels cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced and buying them again could dig a hole in your pocket.


Advantages of Alloy wheels:

These are made up of metals like aluminum, nickel, magnesium or combination of these metals. All these metals, being light in weight makes the alloy wheels lighter than its steel counterpart. Less weight means less payload which means quicker acceleration and brake-time. While turning the car, you will notice, handling alloy wheels are easier, this is also because of the same reason.

Also, in extreme driving conditions, they are better at dissipating heat than steel wheels. This is because these metals are also a better conductor of heat, as compared to steel.

Since they are not made from iron, they do not rust and are therefore highly recommended for cars in the coastal areas or in the areas that receive high rainfall. These also have better strength than steel rims.


Aesthetic Differences:

For many drivers, visual appearance is a major factor for buying custom rims. Because of the manufacturing process through which alloy wheels are made, it is possible to make complex designs in alloy wheels. These complexities in the design make the rims look more stylish.


It might look as if alloy wheels are way better than steel wheels, you must consider that they are more expensive (2 to 3 times of steel wheels) than them.

If you are looking to buy rims and tires in Woodbridge area, you must get it done from a good company that has a large collection of rims and tires. Changing the wheels all by yourself, especially when you are plus sizing, can be really difficult. It is easier if you get it installed by professionals.

Always see if the company has skilled technicians working under it so that they guide you correctly through your journey of product selection. You should also ask for warranty, both for the rims and the tires.