All You Need To Know About Remote Start System

9 Mar 2018
Remote Start System

All You Need To Know About Remote Start System

Car remote starters are one of the top-notched automotive developments of the 21st century. A Remote start system has become a leading component of the car security. In the past, few luxury brands had remote starters installed with their vehicles. However, at present, every economical brand are considering remote control systems as essential parts of vehicles. Here, you will find all required details on remote control start kits.

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What Is The Remote Key Less System?


It is an electronic lock that controls the access to a building or vehicle without using a traditional mechanical key. A remote control for a keyless entry system built into an ignition key. Pressing a button on the key unlocks all of the car doors and another button on the remote control key locks the car.


How Does Remote Start System Work?


The remote control key consists of 2 key parts: a control module and a remote transmitter. The control module allows you to start your vehicle with the push of a button on the transmitter, also it unlocks and locks the car. Remote start systems are most popular in the colder climate. However, they also used to turn on the AC in hot climates.


Factory Installed Remote Start v/s After Market Remote Start


Nowadays, many new vehicles have the option of a factory remote start system. Sometimes they are very limited in the terms of range and capabilities. It has a range of around 30-feet.


While aftermarket remote control systems have many features. These remote systems are capable of a range of 800-feet. It has also a 2-way remote upgradation option. A few computer remote features with the water-resistant technology, and interactive LCD screens.


Benefits Of The Remote Start System


Remote start system


  • Keeps Your Car Warm/Cool:

    Depending on where you live, It could be one of the best reasons to install it. For example, if you are living in a cold area you can start heater through the remote and this process is visa-verse in a warm climate area.


  • Safety:

    Owning a remote key for the car has many other benefits. During snowfall, you can seat in the pre-heated car without opening any car doors.


  • More Re-sell value:

    increases the re-sell value of your vehicles.


  • Security:

    A thief can not easily steal the car with the remote starting system. It requires the transmitter to on/off of the car. In addition, your remote starter can alert you if the car’s locks and security systems are being manipulated.

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