The Benefits Paint Protection Films Offers For Your Car

23 Sep 2020

The Benefits Paint Protection Films Offers For Your Car

The Benefits Paint Protection Films Offers For Your Car Is More Than Keeping It Shiny: Here’s How

We understand that your car is really important to you. It’s more than a trip or a way to get around. It’s one of the biggest investments you make with your hard-earned income and you will go leaps and bounds to keep your car in an immaculate condition. When it comes to maintaining your car, one of the most crucial steps is to opt for paint protection films. If you fail to do so, your car will lose its glossy appearance and its resale value. Sunlight, bird droppings, bumps, rough cleaners, oil, tree sap all these can be very harmful to the appearance of your car and can easily take away the shiny finish.

Your car reflects your status; it’s not just a way to get around. A shiny car makes you feel proud of its ownership, while a poor-looking car reduces your self-confidence and makes your drives frustrating and uncomfortable.

What is paint protection for cars and how does it work?

Paint protection for cars is provided by paint protection film a.k.a. clear bra or clear film, which serves as a protective shield to maintain the paint of your vehicle. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent and thick urethane thermoplastic film that is used to shield the car’s original paint job from cracks, rock chips and pollutants.

PPF can be applied to the entire vehicle; however, it is often applied to painted surfaces, headlights and mirrors. PPF does not affect the intensity of the light or the clear vision offered by the mirrors.

Benefits of Car Paint Protection Film

Getting a protection film for your car’s paint is not only about keeping your car shiny. It offers several other benefits to your car.

  1. Keep your car looking new and shiny

PPF provides a lasting protective layer over the paint of your vehicle, helping you keep your vehicle looking fresh and shiny for a long time to come. Car paint protection prevents the paint of your car from fading and gives it a polished, glossy look at all times.

  1. Retains the resale value of your vehicle

Used car buyers have put great emphasis on the appearance of the automobile. Even if your car is running smoothly, a bad appearance will dramatically lower its resale value. Paint protection is essential to maintain the resale value of your car as it protects your exterior from environmental and surface damage.

  1. Makes washing the car easier

PPF eliminates dust, so the outside of your car won’t have a dust build-up problem. This makes washing a lot simpler, and sometimes you can only use a soft cloth to clean your car instead of using water every time.

  1. Repels damage to the ecosystem

Harmful UV rays of sunlight will damage your car’s paint and make it look too old. Car protection films not only protect paint from UV radiation, but also from cracks, rust, nicks, burns, etc.

  1. Provides scratch protection and chemical protection

Scratches build up moisture that will inevitably contribute to rust. Similarly, chemicals created by harsh cleaners and environmental elements contribute to discoloration. Paint protection films protect this damage by serving as a chemical barrier to the exterior of your vehicle.

  1. Invisible defence of your vehicle

The great thing about these car protection films is that it’s absolutely invisible; nobody will notice it. Paint safety will improve the appearance of your car and preserve its glossy finish. As long as you avoid tough cleaners, you can clean your car as usual.

  1. Save money on maintenance and repairs

Prevention is the best approach when it comes to maintaining the new-looking appearance of your vehicle. Car paint protection helps protect the exterior of your car so that you don’t always have to spend money on fixing damages.

In conclusion, competent paint safety is something any car owner should look at. Drive your car with pride while you own it, and when the time comes to sell it, sell your car at the best price. If it sounds like paint protection is something that your car needs, check out our website at Quality Tire and see what kind of Paint Protection Film, aka “clear bra,” is best for your vehicle. If you would like to learn more about our vehicle auto protection film, please dial (703) 491-9005 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with more information.