Suspension Lift Kits: Advantages and Reasons Why You Need Them!

1 Jun 2021

Suspension Lift Kits: Advantages and Reasons Why You Need Them!

SUVs are one of the most highly preferred vehicle types for those who love to get creative with their vehicle modifications. Thanks to the size and versatility of this beast, there are a plethora of accessory options and modifications that can be done. In this blog, we will talk about adding a suspension lift kit to your SUV which is one of the most common and most popular modifications that you can go for.

Before we get into the advantages, let us understand what it means.

What is a Suspension Lift Kit?

Suspension lift kits are special kinds of modifications available for trucks, heavy SUV vehicles, and a select range of jeeps. This modification in heavy vehicles is mostly preferred to improve the off-road capabilities of the automobile and promote it to a complete off-roader or as they say-”all-terrain” vehicle.

Post the fitting of a suspension lift kit, the vehicle has a much higher view of the road and can easily avoid any kind of stoppages on the ground level; this is possible as the vehicle has a higher ground clearance with the addition of extra inches as compared to the normal vehicles which aren’t fitted with a suspension lift kit.

Such truck lift kits for heavy good carriers enable a better approach to steeper angles especially during the drives on the highways. These kits help in maintaining the speed as well as provide a proper heighted safety for the travelers. They along with other truck accessories help in a superior suspension with space for wider tires.

However, there are also basic suspension lift kits that come with limited parts such as new shock absorbers, springs, aftermarket truck parts, drive shafts. This can be adequate in case of lesser traveling, small to medium-sized trucks or SUVs.

Advantages of Suspension Lift Kits

Increased Clearance:
This is the most common reason why drivers love to opt for suspension lift kit, there is a bigger gap between the ground and the underside of the vehicle. It includes best-heavy quality shock absorbers and suspension that keep the vehicle aloof on the road. This is very advantageous especially in a rough terrain or a badly maintained street within a city.

Drive through Tough Terrain:
The main objective of driving a SUV for most is to try out terrains of all kinds-be it a sand dune, off road, threading a rough damaged road, crossing of rivers or climbing a steep hill top-a vehicle fitted with suspension lift kit is always a better choice.

Such a vehicle enables greater grip on the road as it has wider tyres, can fit in a bigger wheel (optional) and of course the height that helps in an extra ground clearance which is converting the vehicle into a massive monster on the road.

Better Visibility:
Be it any type of terrain, the luxury to see better on the road is always a comfortable feel for the driver. Especially on wheels with heavy vehicles; it becomes essential to have a better visibility so that all sorts of obstacles can be avoided well in advance.

Bigger Tires:
Due to lesser traction in vehicles with smaller tires it is much difficult to apply sudden brakes and bring the vehicle to an immediate halt; especially on the snowy or muddy surfaces.

With the use of suspension lift kit, one has an option to go for a meatier quality of tires (bigger ones) which are well suited for the off-roading experience; getting the vehicle to cross any kind of tough terrain with ease.

Assists with Towing:
Vehicles that need to tow other vehicles for any reason get greater abilities. A suspension lift kit fitted vehicle will be a great choice as it can effortlessly maneuver the other vehicle with any damages caused.

Easy access to underside of vehicles
With the suspension kit fitted, it is no longer a tedious effort to look at the underside of the vehicles, this can be a boon for the mechanics who have to bury themselves at the underside at times of repairs; they can now work and solve issues within a limited time, thanks to the easy access provision.

Safer Driving:
With a suspension lift kit, a safe drive at any given terrain is guaranteed!

Different options to choose from:
As discussed above, lift kits are available in a varied range; it is for the vehicle owner or rather the driver to choose from the widespread availability.

These can be different choices from a basic range of shock absorbers to heavy duty-high performance and auto adjustable ones. The choice can be made depending on the model of the vehicle and of course the amount the owner can be spending for quality off-road experience.

Hope the information on the suspension lift kit helps in choosing the right variant for your vehicle.
Happy Journey!!!