Why Choose Paint Protection Film For Your Car?

29 Mar 2022
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Why Choose Paint Protection Film For Your Car?

Maintaining a car is always a top priority for most of us. We want our cars to look great, stay safe from any unwanted damage. As one of your biggest investments, looking at the well-being of your car – in the long run – is highly recommended. The biggest troubles that car owners face are scratches, marks from road debris, etc. These things are uncontrollable and you can not do too much to save your car from being exposed like that. 

What Is A Paint Protection Film? 

Paint protection films are a protective layer installed on your car to save it from unwanted scratches and marks left by road debris, exposure to chemicals, exposure to water and other weather conditions, bird droppings, etc. These damages not only spoil your car’s look, but also reduce your vehicle’s resale value. However, such damages can be avoided by installing paint protection films. Installing car paint protection film will benefit you greatly as the costs paid to fix all these small damages every now and then will be eliminated. Bird droppings, road debris, chemical exposure, rain and other weather conditions, etc can be rendered not bothersome to your car, if it has paint protection film installed. 

At Quality Tire – Custom Auto Shoppe, our experts are trained and qualified paint protection film installers that make sure the job is carried out flawlessly. Our priority is to make sure that your car is covered with no blemishes or air bubbles. We want to make sure that every car treated by us is rendered harmless in the long run. Car window tints go hand in hand with PPF since windows are also very vulnerable to these conditions. PPF doesn’t just save your car’s look, but it also increases and maintains your car’s resale value for a very long time!

How Much Does Paint Protection Film Cost? 

When you buy a car, your spending is already in the thousands. When you think of investing in car paint protection film, it makes you wonder is it really worth it? Without a paint protection film installed, the scratches and marks will always affect the look of your car and eventually, you will turn to garages and auto shops to fix the issue. This is hundreds of dollars spent randomly, unplanned. Hence, it is better to get your car wrapped in some protective film and save yourself the trouble of always having to take the time and money out to make these repairs. 

There are many ways to get these films installed. You could install these films by yourself. But, be aware that this is not an easy task. Imagine having to install a scratch guard on your phone. Now imagine having to do that on a car’s body. DIY installation can cost you hundreds of dollars based on your color and size requirements and an additional cost if you mess it up and have to turn to professionals anyway. 

Instead, our professional installers at Quality Tire- Custom Auto Shoppe are highly trained individuals that have installed protection films on numerous cars and have the required knowledge and experience. Choosing us as your installers will not only get you a good, reasonable package but also ensure that your work is done on time. 

How To Install Clear Paint Protection Film? 

Clear paint protection films work best for any and every car. If you have decided to install this film by yourself on your car, make sure that you have all the tools required. Your kit will have all the necessary instructions that you need to emerge successfully. 

Make sure that you have these three tools in handy: 

  • Microfibre Towels
  • Utility Knives
  • Rags

These are the materials required for this task: 

  • Paint Protection Film 
  • Supplies For Car Washing 
  • Clean-Edge Masking Tape
  • Poly Sheeting 

Once you have all these things ready, you can begin with the following steps: 

  • Spray-On Paint Protection:  Use your spray-on paint protection all over the car. Especially at places like the hood that are more susceptible to road debris and sand damage. This spray helps you retain the actual color of the paint. 
  • Prep The Vehicle:  You need to make sure that your car has cooled down. If it hasn’t, it will not take the film well and the heat might impact the spray layers, causing the film to not sit comfortably. 
  • Tarp, Tape, And Wax:  Use a poly sheet over the entire vehicle to get rid of any overspray. Proceed to install your protective layer according to the instructions and cut through with scissors or utility knives. 
  • Protective Spray:  It’s now time to use your protective spray and enjoy the results. 

You can do this or contact Quality Tire – Custom Auto Shoppe for quick and great results at a reasonable price. We also install custom rims and tires according to your needs and help you accentuate the look of your car. We highly recommend installing car paint protection films. Visit our website for more information or dial (703)491-9005 to know more! We are looking forward to assisting you.