Window Tinting Services: Perfection is the Priority

15 Nov 2018
Window Tinting

Window Tinting Services: Perfection is the Priority

Are you in a dilemma as to why invest money in tinted windows in a difficult economy?

Quality Tire provides quality window tinting services for those looking for higher products and flawless services. Enhancing the look of your vehicle and adding an extra layer of protection and security, it provides a full line of auto accessories as well as custom wheels & tires. With a lifetime guarantee and an expert installation, your window tint in Woodbridge will look like a million bucks.

While it reduces the energy cost and also provides better safety for your family and you. The company makes every effort to mark sure that the customers are satisfied with the quality craftsmanship done on their car, truck, boat or RV, and they are happy with the services they received. The Tint Shop is relied upon by many car dealers and auto body repair shops as a place to get tinted windows for their customers.

Window Tinting Services

Serving Northern Virginia, Window Tint in Woodbridge offers a complete line of Automotive & Commercial films. Window Tinting is its Specialty. The Window Film stops the sun from destroying the interior of your home and the home window tinting reduces the glare and heat to save your money by cutting your energy bill.

Window tinting can add style and uniqueness to any car. It also protects you from the scorching heat and helps in maintaining privacy.

However, selecting the right tinting is very necessary. Below are few guidelines for choosing a car window tinting company that gives both style and elegance to your car:

  • Familiarize yourself with various options
  • To get the best quality
  • Consider buying UV-reflecting tints
  • To Learn state tinting laws
  • Tinting to be done by a professional
  • To know where to tint and how to maintain the tint properly
  • Protecting the car from high-temperature heat and fading.

Hence, considering this surely will make your car look stylish with a solid tinting job, just to be sure to be well-informed before getting it installed. For this there are several types of Tints which are the following:

Types of Tints:

Dyed Window Film:

This is one of the most popular ones, but the oldest method in the automobile market. A dyed window film is made by putting a layer of the film between the adhesive material and the top protective layer. It produces the dark effect as it can block out 50% of direct light. 

Composite Window Film:

It is referred to as metalized window films, which consists of layers of different materials to give a metallic look to your windows. These tints are perfect at blocking sunlight, reflecting heat and controlling vehicle’s temperature. This is also very long-lasting.

Hybrid Window Film:

This is a mixture of dyed and metalized film. It is very effective at blocking UV rays. Also, it saves the car’s interiors from fading.

Ceramic Film:

This is the modern tint type in the market. It is a combination of all mainly three types of window films. Ceramic film is an all-purpose film. It is very costly among all available in the market. It protects from direct sunlight. The ceramic film has an advanced technology that does not interfere with electronics, radar detection, mobile phone and other radio frequency technologies you rely on in your vehicle.

Similarly, Car tinting is the most economical way to protect the interior of your vehicle and also provide extreme privacy. If you are in search to install window tint film for cars, you can consider for windows tinting. They use top quality tints and films to make sure that you experience the best.

However, most people prefer to install High-Quality window tint film for cars to achieve a more sleek and classy look!