7 Signs of a Bad Tint Job for Your Car

24 Feb 2021
Auto Window Tinting

7 Signs of a Bad Tint Job for Your Car

Nothing ruins the aesthetic of the gorgeous car other than bad window tinting. The car window tint is not only installed to make your car look more beautiful, but it also offers many other practical benefits for car owners. Window tints add safety and security, hiding valuables and reducing the risk of the glass shattering during car accidents. Not just this, but window tint will also block the sunlight from entering However, even the slightest non proficiency can lead to a bad tint job. Hence, it is important that you get your car windows tinted by professionals. To help you, we have listed some of the most common signs that indicate that you’ve ended with a bad car window tint job, and you’ll have to get it re-done.

Uneven Lines and Gaps
One of the most prominent signs of a bad window tint job is uneven lines and gaps in the tint film. The tint film should cover the car window entirely and should be fine and even. If you notice any gap or lines in the film at the edge of the windows, that means the film is not evenly cut.

Bad Edges
A top-notch installer will use the best methods to custom fit the films to your car. This means the edge of the window tint should be clean, straight, and come extremely close to the edge of the glass. If you notice an even fit or wavy fit at the edge of the glass, it’s a sign of bad window tint. The tint at the edges should not look uneven.

Purple Tint
Discoloration is the most common sign of the poor quality of tint. The tint turns into purple color if the professionals have installed a low-quality tint that is of low-grade materials. This is because the low-grade material reacts to the sun’s UV rays and does not let you enjoy the ultimate benefits of tint. We recommend installing high quality tints that are durable enough to withstand high UV rays for a long time.

Bubbles are an obvious deal-breaker, but make sure you check up close for the little ones. Poor quality adhesive leads to tint bubbles. A good install has the tools and techniques to prevent bubbles. However, low-quality tint will bubble even if it is installed by the top installer. So installing a premium tint makes sense.

Tint Peeling Off
Tint peel off is a sign that you need to reinstall the tint without any delay. Poor tint job t will reduce the efficiency of the tint to last long, causing it to peel off sooner than usual. Also, poor quality tint with poor adhesive capability will make the tint peel off at the earliest. Window tints are difficult to remove once they are applied. If you notice to start to peel off on the edges after a couple of weeks, there might be a problem with the quality and a sign of a bad tint job.

Dot Matrix
Check out those tiny little dots at the edge of your car’s window. These dots have texture and are raised from the surrounding glass, making it a difficult surface for a film to properly adhere to. This principle applies to the defroster bars on your rear windshield as well. A sub-par installer will leave those sections of a window with an ugly zig-zag pattern.

Dirt Stuck on Films
If you notice there is dirt stuck on the films, you need to immediately think of hiring a good tint professional. A good installer will never install a tint with accumulated dirt as the dirt will act as a shield between you and the tint benefits. It will not only make the car’s interior warmer, but it will also lead to scratches. Car window tinting should not leave any dust behind before installing the tint.

Nobody wants to spend money again and again over the bad window tint and get stuck with unprofessional window tinting. The tint should be installed by a professional in the right manner, so your car’s interior is protected. Also less prone to accidents due to poor tinting.

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