Looking for the right reasons to install a backup camera? Here are some

5 Oct 2021
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Looking for the right reasons to install a backup camera? Here are some

Many technological advancements have taken place in recent years that have eased human efforts up to a certain level. Today we can navigate our way through Google Maps on our phone and reach our destination very easily. Similarly, a Backup camera for the car is an advancement that allows you to reverse easily and check whether any obstacles are coming your way or not. A backup camera is also called a rearview camera or a reversing camera for a car attached at the back that provides clear visibility and lets you reverse without turning your head. The advantages of this camera are:

  • it prevents injury to the person standing behind your car,
  • expands your vision below the rear window or trunk level
  • expands your vision beyond the width of the mirror image
  • prevents the bumping to the property or people behind your car

Reverse cameras have significantly reduced the number of accidents caused by drivers while reversing the car. Apart from the reduced possibility of injuries and damages, there are other benefits as well, but before you hop onto it, know why the backup camera is important.

Why is a backup camera important in your vehicle? 

Backup cameras activate when the driver puts their vehicle into reverse gear. The rearview video system (RVS) displays the image either in the dashboard or in the rearview mirror that gives a clear view of what’s behind the car. These backup cameras monitor only 10-20 feet behind the vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers have been attempting to find a solution for the reversing problem and they found the camera to be the most efficient one. The other solutions were:-

Ultrasound-  These backup sensors were placed on the bumper emitting high-frequency acoustic pulses which monitor reflected sound. As the vehicle gets near the property, the acoustic tone changes that indicate proximity. The drawback of this system is sound waves suffer from interference and also get affected by wind and rain.

Laser- Laser beams were thrown from the rear of the vehicle and reflected objects off-track which were better than ultrasound, but required many beams which made it expensive.  

Infrared- Infrared spectrum was not entirely successful due to poor reflection of light and there were some other obstacles observed that didn’t reflect effective results.

Cameras- The camera with visuals is currently the most effective solution which not only gives a clear view of what’s behind and also improves the driver’s accuracy.   

As estimated, over 500,000 backing accidents take place in the United States every year. In May 2018. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established a regulation for automotive manufacturers to include a backup camera on new vehicles. 

Benefits of reverse backup camera       

Helps in traffic

Some backup cameras for cars are equipped with rear cross-traffic alerts or sensors in the rear bumper which helps you detect the objects behind your car when your vision is blocked. On detection of an object, the system provides a warning light or sound. The sensor also alerts you when a vehicle is passing from behind.    

Eliminates the Blind Zone

According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, backup cameras reduce blind spots by about 90%. The driver can pay closer attention to the monitor screen and assess the risk factors to be avoided. The backup cameras allow drivers to see clearly with a taller and wider angle than a rearview mirror which could aid in completely preventing blind zones. 

Helps to park the car

It helps you prevent collisions while parking the car which is another good reason for installing the best parking camera for the car. The possibility of collision is minimized because the blind zone is eliminated and everything behind is visible to your eye. This way you can park your car fearlessly without worrying about car colliding or bumping into walls. One study conducted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety says that wireless backup cameras are better and far more effective than parking sensors for the prevention of collisions. 

Provide a sightline for kids  and pets

When you do not have backup sensors or backup cameras, you are likely to hit young children or cute little pets unintentionally while reversing your car. If this happens you will be legally liable for your action. Installing a wireless backup camera on the rear of your car boosts your confidence and allows you to reverse without any worries. Even if those innocents cross your way while you are reversing your car you will be alerted to brake.

These benefits indicate the importance of backup cameras. It is predicted that in the future automakers will offer a 360- degree camera system that uses images from four exterior cameras to create an accurate overhead picture. As of now, there are semi-automated systems that still require driver alertness and it is essential to stay updated with the technology. If your car’s system is outdated or you are seeking change, then get in touch with Quality Tire to resolve these problems and get your car upgraded.