Here is How to Protect Your Car Paint and Extend its Lifespan

8 Dec 2020
Car Maintenance

Here is How to Protect Your Car Paint and Extend its Lifespan

People who buy cars wish that their car looks fresh as new for a long time. When you invest so much money in your car, it is natural that you expect enhanced quality and reliability, and lasting performance.

Car owners know that by being attentive when it comes to regular maintenance, they can extend the lifespan of their vehicles. But one aspect that is often overlooked is painting. This may not only have a negative impact on its appearance, but also on its resale value.

There are steps you can take to protect the car paint so that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get your car repainted.

Tips to Protect Your Car Paint

Wash it thoroughly

It is vital that you thoroughly wash your car on a weekly basis. This involves the use of a vehicle shampoo and the cleaning of tyres, exterior, inside, windshield and glass area for windows. If the vehicle has bird droppings, be sure to disinfect them with water immediately. Don’t wash your car using household detergents.

Wax Your Car Regularly

Waxing your car regularly will help shield its paint from damage. A barrier between the paint and the atmosphere is formed by wax. In the summer, it can shield the paintwork of your car from the sun’s rays, and when winter rolls around, it can protect against cold weather thus being an all weather car paint protection.

It’s suggested to wax your car every three months for full benefits to protect your car paint. You can address this job yourself, or you can get it done at a car wash by professionals.

Paint Protection Films

A new introduction to shielding your paint; a paint protection film is a transparent film that is applied to the body of your vehicle. Just like those added to glass areas, the film protects your car’s paint from any external elements such as sun, UV rays, dust, grime, tar, rocks flying off the road and so on. Although a little pricey, the paint protection film will last for most of the five years, which is the life of most vehicles. You may also apply the film only to some areas, such as the front and rear bumpers.

Don’t Miss Drying

A big part that people prefer to skip is the drying of a car using the correct technique. A lot of people think that the car is going to dry naturally, but that’s exactly where you’re doing the most harm to the paint. Not drying your car leaves water spots that will make your hard work protecting your car paint a waste. Use a microfiber towel or, ideally, a weave drying towel to absorb water and dry your vehicle.

Invest in covers for your car

Parking in a covered structure will preserve the color of your vehicle, but for many drivers, open-air parking is the only option. In situations like this, investing in a car cover is a smart idea.

A car cover provides a barrier from bird droppings, tree sap, and dust and protects the paint of your car. Padding that will shield your car from dents and dings is also offered by some covers thus making them an improvised car paint protection.

Vinyl Wraps

Not only do they provide a new color for your car in various colors and finish at half the cost of a paint job, they also preserve the car’s original paint. The vinyl wraps act as a protection for the original color, and they won’t let it go dull. Vinyl wraps are also strong enough to ensure slight scratches and damage to the vehicle. The removal of one is just as simple, and the residue of the glue does not harm the car at all. So even after a year, your new paint job will still look new to the car.

Final thoughts

The above tips will help ensure that the paint of your vehicle gets the treatment it needs over the long haul to look its best. A little attentiveness in maintaining your car will ensure that your car’s exterior looks immaculate.

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